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    In europe you should be able to use your cellphone to place trades with TWS mobile.

    Otherwise buy a wap browser for your pc, and use http-tunnel.com to go around the firewall. This way you can use the browser to make the trades through mobile tws and you don't need the higher bandwidth that TWS pc requires.
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  2. From what I read, mobile trading is not really a viable option yet, it's only OK as a backup if you can find the right device that's a big IF . I shopped around for an internet ready cellphone and the people in the store are clueless as soon as I start talking about online trading or even web browsing, the only thing they know is that WAP is REALLY slow and GPRS is better otherwise it seems like everybody buys cellphone for the picture messaging and SMS gimmicks....
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    So use http-tunnel.com, or setup your own tunneling server using:


    Beware though, that these programs use a lot of bandwidth, I would leave them connected for more then a few minutes at a time.

    Your best bet is to use the paid service at http-tunnel.com, but you could catch major crap for opening up a security breach.
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  4. The WAP browser still requires the firewall port to be open for the WTLS protocol, so that doesn't work.

    loopholesoftware.com is categorically the way to go.
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    Have you measured the bandwidth between the client and server?
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  6. yes... i keep a network monitoring tool open all the time (http://itcan.programmer.nl)

    for web browsing, loophole logs onto the proxy, gets the page, and logs off. for data collection, it's low bandwidth... usually about 2K to 3K per sec with data streaming in.
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  7. Well, bad news. My supervisor already handed me the document stating the company policy regarding the use of the internet after they saw me surfing for half an hour before I leave at 6pm and while I eat lunch at my desk. Should be for work purposes only, people can still check their email but I doubt they will be happy to hear I would like to keep an eye on my positions(your what?). That's too bad because the setup I have is state of the art tech, sometimes I even dream I am on a trading floor.

    I tried logging into TWS again to no avail however I can run Datek streamer with no problem, why does the streamer work and not TWS? I don't think I'll get the answer from IB reps since they only work from 6:30 to 8:30 EST now. I won't try the stand alone TWS as I can't download any stuff. Do I have to download anything to use these tunnelling applications?
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  8. This needs to be your next purchase:


    Tell them you were getting headaches and needed an antiglare screen.
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    Dude you are going to get totally busted if they are already on your ass about surfing the web, wait until the find out you are trading stocks.

    Streamer works because it uses port 80, the same port that web browsers use. Your administrator will be able to tell when you are connected to anything (streamer included).

    TWS doesn't work because it uses port 4000. Using the browser version still means that you downloaded it, it just doesn't launch as a standalone product.

    If you still want to monitor positions, but not use your company's computer at all, I'd look at getting a pocket pc with wireless internet access. Then use the mobile TWS.
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    There is a solution: My call provider (verizon) sells a phone that provides a slow speed modem feature which I use with a laptop. Its expensive but it beats having to deal with restrictive corporate policies. It also stops corporate snooping.

    If you just need to check your positions and make a few quick adjustments this might work. If you are doing more at work you just might want to think about trying tradinfg full time:

    If you boss already handed you the riot act then the company has been monitoring your use of the systems and probably has a dosier of evidence that they could use to fire you ....
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