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  1. Splat


    I can already do this using PC Anywhere. However I want to use
    my PC at home as a proxy server which is what loophole
    server allows you to do, ie, I want to be able to run Tradestation
    6 at work but since we have a firewall (grr!) I cant so I am
    trying to get around this by using loophole server.

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  2. Ninja


    Do you use GoToMyPC regularly? Is it reliable? Any problems?
    #32     Jan 20, 2003
  3. I have used it to access my charting software, not to trade.

    Gotomypc is reliable. What cannot be reliable of course is your internet connection (and with gotomypc, the risks are doubled because both the office and home connections have to work fine) or your home pc. Sometimes, my home computer has freezed but I am not sure that that was down to gotomypc. If this happens, of course, you have to go home to restart your computer.

    It's evident that if you use gotomypc to access your order entry software, you absolutely need to be able to call your broker to get out in case of problem, which apparently is not easy with IB.
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  4. Splat


    Why not use something like PC Anywhere and remove
    gotomypc out of the equation?
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  5. To connect to a host computer
    with pcAnywhere, it is first necessary to install
    the software on the computer
    acting as the host. In addition, a user must perform a
    similar software installation on the computer that
    will be controlling the remote host. The
    required software installation makes it difficult to
    access the host computer from Internet cafes and
    other locations that may prohibit the installation of
    software on their computers (that was my case at the office, Iwas not able to instal anything of my own on it).

    Installing GoToMyPC on the host computer requires
    a one-time installation of a 1.4 MB file. setup. GoToMyPC allows
    users to control their remote machines from any
    Internet-connected machine using a Web browser
    and does not require any special software to be
    installed ahead of time.
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  6. Hi Splat,

    GoToMyPC will not work through some corporate firewalls for whatever reason.

    The loophole software thing is great. It seems like what you need to do is figure out which port tradestation uses and set it up as one of the local servers in the loophole client. Then you need to have Tradestation point to your client machine as the host. This is what I did for TWS and I don't need sockscap like another poster said.

    Let me know if you need further information.
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  7. I tried to connect through a corporate firewall ( I first have to enter a password to access the network) then log into TWS. But I get login attempt #1,#2,#3 etc then when I cancel:

    Login failed- java.net connect exception connection refused:

    What can I do? I am using the brower TWS I already had to download Java RE1.3 I just started on this job I can't really go ask the IT people how to run TWS so I can place trades at lunch time.

    BTW what is going on with IB chat only open between 6:30 and 8:30 EST? !
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  8. Trade Europe or Globex preopen in the morning. I would be careful about trying to circumvent corporate firewalls with a tunnel or web based product. Things aren't as casual now. The attempt itself may be seen as a security breach or a hacking attempt. When you are at work forget about the markets. To learn to trade, you need to completely focus on trading and that can only happen for you in the preopen or trading Eurex.
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  9. ctrader


    If you are swing trading it shouldn't be that big of deal.... What about using the mobile TWS to place trades?
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  10. I trade US markets (Q's and SPY) from the European continent, I just want to check my positions and be able to enter/exit a position at the open or in premarket. I traded full time stocks and eminis for almost 3 years,so I know what to look for at the open and on Globex. I can't make a living with my capital, don't like emini leverage. I still plan to trade very activelybut with small positions to try and make 30% +per year with a Larry Williams type of time frame if I can say that i.e. swing trades with entry at the close or near the close and exit at profitable open or LMT scaling out .

    But for that I need to get this friggin TWS to work and stay out of trouble at work!
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