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  1. I'm unable to use TWS because of a corporate firewall. There is no way that port 4000 will be opened. I just opened the account but may have to close it if I don't have an alternative.

    I am a programmer and was thinking about writing a web based TWS that I could access through another computer outside of the firewall but I read in the documentation that there will be a prompt displayed anytime there is an option trade. What's more, I haven't found a way to disable the "Accept incoming connection?" prompt either. These facts render the API useless to me.

    So my question is, has anyone else been successful in dealing with this problem? Is there a web based system out there that gets around these issues?

    Any help is appreciated. I really don't want to give the money back to Datek.

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    I use http-tunnel.com to circumvent the firewall. Only problem is that your system admin will notice increased traffic on port 80.

    Other solutions include using a WAP browser either on your desktop or on a cell phone to enter trades through interactivebroker mobile trader.
  3. I don't know much, but have you tried the stand alone java version of tws? I use the stand alone and have a firewall and it works fine, but my blackice firewall is probably nothing compared to what you are dealing with. If you haven't tried the stand alone version it might be worth a try.
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  5. Thanks for the replies. I have tried the stand alone version of TWS without success.

    I did download http-tunnel based on recommendations and I'm still unable to get it to work. Now this is probably based on my inexperience with the software. Does anyone have http-tunnel working w/ TWS?

    I performed the tests and everything connects ok. I then proceeded to add ports/applications. I added the destination IP of and the port of 4000.

    Still no go .... any clues?

    Thanks again!
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    You can try pcAnywhere, I used to use it to connect to home computer without any probelm. I also tried similar programs such as VNC (it is free), but unfortunately it didn't work
  7. I can't use vnc or pcanywhere. The firewall does not have those ports open. In fact, no ports are opened directly ... everything goes through an authenticated http proxy server.

    Trust me, I'm racking my brain trying to come up with something.
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    It looks your company has more restricted firewall than mine.

    Most companies don't ban telnet or ftp port, you can install a telnet server in your home machine, put your order in a file and allow your IB API program read the file and execute the order. Certainly it is not so convenient, but for swing trading it may be ok.
  9. Well, I have two options. I can figure out a way to get TWS working through the firewall or I can also write a web based trading platform to run on my machine at home. I've run into significant roadblocks with both options. The first you know about ... the other is the prompts that the TWS API pops up when using the API. I'm asking around to see if I can somehow eliminate these prompts. If that's the case, I'll get cracking on the code solution.

    Thanks for the reply.
  10. Yep. Had the same problem but it was easily solved. IB would not connect via the proxy server, but the place where I work has a firewall client that can be installed on individual machines and will permit the connection. If you have not done it yet, call your company's tech help (if they have one) and ask them if they offer such an option. Some places do because the proxy server typically blocks a lot of data feeds and connections.

    Your mileage may vary but it's the simplest way to do it :D
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