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    Usually I readjust my target order on charts by dragging the target order with the mouse.

    However recently TWS does not grabs the target order so I can not move it with the mouse.
    It started from one day to the other.
    TWS version 968 standalone,
    at first on some of the charts, later on all the charts...

    It still works with stop loss orders but not with target orders.

    It's a real pain to readjust the order on the orderpanel...

    Are there anyone else experiancing the same? Is it a new feature? :)
  2. Haven't experienced that. But as usual tws seems ok for a bit. Then recent update just borks it and ruins the performance.

    I'd like to have more than a couple carts open... Nope, F U.... gonna make the performance turn to sh*t
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    did you increased the java heap size in the " tws.vmoptions " file?

    I have no performance issue with a few dozens charts open simultanously with different timeframes.
    Neither on the current nor on the older versions.
  4. I'd be curious to see a video of how snappy your platform is as you move around charts and change tickers.

    And yes I've increased the memory heap size. And I have a pretty beefy system and still not snappy like id expect it to be.

    Also have an issue that I've demonstrated to tech support with video of TWS not registering key strokes when typing fast.

    I'll be typing MSFT... But it'll miss the T for some reason. So I'll get that search pop up biz which I have to click away. Then when I try to type in ticker AGAIN the missing T will be first in the dialog box. So I'll end up with TMSFT which again pops open the ticker search box.

    So when rapidly switching symbols looking to take a trade it screws up everything
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    you can just belive it.
    no performance issue, 3 monitors 1920*1080 on 2 small video cards.

    I trade only half a dozen instruments and listening ca. two dozens, changing underlying from the watchlist on a chart lasts 1-2 sec which I think rather average or better.

    but I should mention, that the java inserts in some webpages crushes rather frequently (web TV) , which as far as I could evaluate does not affect the TWS. maybe affects in its deeps. don't know.

    Other issue with me that TWS does forget the order settings when settings stored on IB server.
    So I never load the settings from the IB server.
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  6. Wonder if it's because I'm running 2 4k monitors? Tws freaks out and slows down pushing all the pixels?
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    as far as I know the displayed image is created by the video card, not by TWS.
    could worth a try to decrease the monitor setting, costs no penny.
  8. What monitor setting?
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    down from 4k
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    It is there, always was, so not using hot keys or keystrokes. just mouse and watchlist, typing in something way too slower.
    and mine always forgets the hot key settings.
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