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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by laocoon, Aug 3, 2005.

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    This is the second day in a row that my TWS has big problems with market data.....and a few colleagues of mine experience the same issues...WHAT's GOING ON IB??
  2. I have also had quite a lot of problems today which is quite unusual as it's been very reliable for months.
  3. No market data here either.
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    Try logging on again, I have noticed that the red no data can stay on for a few minutes before the quotes appear.
  5. Same here. Fairly problematic since about 5 AM PST.
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    lol -

    im gunna eat my hat the week i dont see another 'ib tws down' threads.


    e-signal down thread.

    the two most popular trading platforms (quote/chart & broker) and they never seem to work!!! whats up guys?
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    Do you know about a better alternative?
  8. Things have been rather good since about 2 weeks.
    I got another ' freeze' problem today. At me, the freeze was selective: ES and NQ out; ZB,ZN, ZF ok; DAX, ESTOX ok. My 'Market Data' label went orange. (Not sure what green, orange, read truly means).
    Shutting down and restarting TWS brought everything to normal.
    This TWS failure is very nasty, especially if freezes occur selectively. This would require monitoring of individual issues with some kind of failure detecting strategy.
    It is overly clear that something is badly wrong. IB never really addressed the problem, always making it look like complaints come from incompetent bunglers.
    I'll say this once more: FOR YEARS THESE KIND OF RECURRENT FREEZING FAILURES WERE UNKNOWN. It all started a few months back when they introduced all the new non-brokerage stuff. Thing became simply unreliable to a degree unseen before.
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    Check the size of the log.mon log.tue etc files ibjts or jts subdirectories. If they are large delete them.
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    yes - i use refco as my broker.

    i have never had a problem with them. ever! they are proactive and have this real neat feature called CUSTOMER SERVICE. this means they usually pick up the phone within 3 hours (hehehehe), and i get to talk to someone who knows what they are on about. i have never been put on hold while they 'find out'. i pay only a tiny bit more for a r/t than ib would charge.

    as for quote platforms - well it seems to me anything is better than esignal given the amount of complaints we see here - especially given the cost.

    try www.prorealtime.com ensign, etc etc

    hope that helps.
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