IB TWS - Display Size Field is for Hidden or Iceberg Orders?

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  1. Here is what I am looking at in TWS:
    Edit -> Global Configuration -> Presets -> Futures -> All possible fields -> Size and then the "Display Size" field.

    So lets say I'm trading 10 lots. And I select a display size of 1. Does that make my order a hidden order or an iceberg order? In other words is my 10 lot order simply hidden? Or is it a one lot order that will refresh at the back of the order queue after each partial fill (an iceberg order) until the full 10 lots are filled?
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    all you have to do is just read and understand the difference and how and most importantly WHERE to use it:



    a1)you will have iceberg order. 1 lot will be displayed,9-hidden. first one executed-another one will be displayed as 1.
    hidden order-the order will be completely hidden(if routed on iceland(applies mostly for stocks,not sure about futures). hidden orders are native orders on iceland. i believe in all other cases the hidden order will be simulated by IB. that their exact words. how they going to simulate(specially if there is only one trade at that price)-i have no idea. i've asked them several times-no clear answer.
    in both cases you will lose your priorities. hidden order doesn't have any priorities at all. they can trade thru it just fine,unless there is a match for your order at that particular exchange,where your hidden order was sitting. in case of simulated order-it will sit on IB server. doing who knows what. probably waiting for fill from IB's inventory(happens a lot,when the stock is going to move in exact opposite direction)


    click on order types. see-hidden.
    note-hidden-native to exchange. applies to stocks and warrants.
  3. I forgot to mention I only trade futures on CME and CBOT and most of the information IB has put on in regards to hidden orders and iceberg orders relates to stock trading.
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  5. To answer my own question after testing it out, the display field is for ICEBERG orders. I'm still trying to figure out how to create HIDDEN orders for futures, the link posted above is for stocks.
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    i'm not sure what your problem is but it's really simple(make sure you have all attributes selected in global configuration or whatever it's called).

    for 1001 time-
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    step 2
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    step 3

    all above is "long way". i'm pretty sure you can program your keyboard to do all above in 1 click. i'm not using it, my app works via API. that was the reason that i don't know how to program this to the keyboard.
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