IB TWS detatch page feature

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Anyway to turn that new button off, I keep accidentally clicking on it when selecting a new page. It's too sensitive.
  2. dhpar


    yes I hate it too - IB could you please remove the delete button from the tab? It is really unnecessary and annoying...
  3. I downgraded because of that very reason.
  4. Got to agree it's a bit too sensitive.
  5. It's surprising how annoying it is... i thought i was the only one...
  6. Catoosa


    I knew it was a problem the moment I opened TWS version 866.5. It also takes up space on the page tab. I tried to find a way to remove the two buttons from the tab but found no option for removal.
  7. DAV

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    We are going to make those buttons on the tabs configurable, you'll be able to hide them going forward.
  8. Thats good. Would be a good idea to make every new addition 'configurable' if at all possible. You never know how much something new will suck until you actually use it. ;-)
  9. Not to digress but do you guys know how to rearrange the tabs? meaning tabs A B C into, say, C B A?

    It used to be a simple drag and drop but now, everytime I do that, I end up detaching it.
  10. Just tried "drag and drop" and it worked fine for me (using the latest version of TWS). You do have to be careful to not select either of the new icons.

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