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  1. Having some weird price fluctuation here...check it out. Anyone else experience this in the demo?

  2. Demo is just for getting accustomed to the software / very basic testing.

    Never expect any realistic data from the demo.

    For paper trading you need a real account with paper trading enabled.
  3. samovar


    Is this in the Demo, or in the Paper (Simulated) Trading? I can't zoom into the image to see clearly.

    There's a chance this might be a TWS bug I reported a few months ago to IB: after the market freezes for some reason (e.g. the midnight reset or the daily one-hour break after 5pm EST), the charts won't update.

    Try this: click the Annotate menu entry in the chart, then press the right arrow. This will focus on the View menu entry, which is not visible in the screenshot because the charts are resized too small. From the View menu, choose Refresh.

    If that doesn't fix your problem, then the cause is something else.
  4. JamesL


    Demo is faux data. Paper trading uses real data. If you are using the demo, that's why your data looks weird.
  5. Good post. I just noticed it.