IB TWS Demo Problems

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by wally_, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Am I the only one to have problems loading TWS Demo?

    This happens more often than not and drives me mad. I have been getting
    for two days.

    What does that mean? I did not have this problem a few days ago, but very often the demo would load with some problems or not at all.
  2. I get that. Lately it's been loading, but taking 20 minutes to do it.
  3. and screw that. I am going to do some shopping, I hope that when I am back I will have the Demo up and running...
  4. And screw that again...

    When I have to quote myself, either I am becoming a classic or the problem is getting classical... I am afraid it's the latter. Plus, I hate repeating myself.

    No progress after almost an hour since I started downloading this thing.
  5. alanm


    I'd suggest downloading the standalone version. That way, you won't have to put up with a push of the new client version every time it gets updated. Use a username of "edemo" and a password of "demouser" to log into the demo once it's installed.
  6. demo user. I was seeing it as de-mouser :)
  7. there is a standalone demo? Is that true, or do you just mean the regular TWS which can be used as a demo with an appropriate user ID and password, the one you mentioned.

    Please explain.

  8. Have to quote myself again... Eureka! Indeed, it works, it's true, what a day! Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

    Now, where did I put that sixpack, time to celebrate....
  9. Had the same problem using the demo. I called IB and they assured me the production system was much better. They were right. Have not had any problems with the production system since I began using it.

    Too bad the demo doesn't reflect the same functionality or execution speed of the production system.