[IB TWS] Clicking (buy/sell) changes price (ask/bid), how to change?

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  1. Just crossed the spread TWICE this morning, I much prefer to have my buy orders automatically change to the BID price so I can walk the order across the spread manually, is there a setting for this?

    I'm not used to this platform yet and I sometimes "go out of order", by setting my price then clicking the side, which changes my price so the order will cross, which is great for the MM, but not me.

    Thanks for any hints
  2. Is there an IB rep on this forum? I'm extremely frustrated with the platform being "HELPFUL" and changing my order price or quantity when I switch from BUY to SELL, or the opposite

    It's completely unnecessary and if IB isn't running an MM operation anymore they shouldn't be profiting on forcing clients to cross the spread, can we PLEASE TURN THIS OFF?!

    I'm so frustrated by this.
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  4. Whoa - the vast majority of traders I suppose prefer that when clicking on the offer to buy you get the offer price for speed of trade. I also hot keys to lower price which is really fast. AS explained though you can preset and define these. search the website or manual as I would bet you can easily find a video demo or details in the manual explaining how to do this (and more).
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  5. I could see that if I didn't trade less liquid futures/futures options, a lot of the time (like natural gas) the spread can be ~$1K and you can get an HFT to fill you between the MM's spread most of the time. I'll have to search around for TWS vids sometime, thanks
  6. Take some time to learn the Hotkeys but also you can easily set the parameters on price to where you want. You'll find them very powerful and fast once you create a setup you like.