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    The new interactive charts on IB's
    TWS are great except, the bars look fuzzy on my machine. All other charts look great. Does anyone else have this problem. I use these charts at times for premarket and backup charts.
  2. yes I agree. I dont see why they dont look @ some existing software to get an idea how to program good charts. They just seem to be slapping something together so they can say they have "real time charts".

    Those gray borders drive me crazy! what a total waste of space.
  3. TWS charts are based on the jfreechart library. If you're interested, this can be found at http://www.jfree.org. It is free and open source. It is a very capable charting library with support for many different types of charts, with very flexible layout and formatting. Issues such as wasteful gray borders and suchlike are easy to fix. I use it in my own real time charting application whuch is just for my personal use, so I know a little about it.

    I have a suggestion to IB that I think they should seriously consider. It is this. Approach the author(s) of jfreechart with a view to retaining them as consultant(s). They could provide consultancy to IB's own developers, which would no doubt speed up development of TWS charting. They could also provide enhancements to the jfreechart library in areas where it is deficient for this type of real time chart.

    This seems to me to be a win/win situation for everybody. IB gets a better quality product released more quickly and probably more cheaply in terms of the time spent by their own developers. The authors of jfreechart get some compensation for the enormous amout of work that has gone into it. And the user community of jfreechart get enhancements.

    This is the basic business mode of open source software - free software and source code, pay for services. Some of the biggest players eg IBM, SUN etc, are taking this model very seriously.
  4. is there a way to see the new charts with

    a " WHITE " background like before ?

    I do not want to have to print out every chart I look at to see white background

    and the current version I use is only showing me

    a black background for IB charts

    ( sorry if this was discussed before )

  5. However they don't always seem to live update I have to click refresh alot.
    I wish they'd add a zero line.]
    AlsoI wish they had candles.
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    They don't live update.

    They do now offer candles. (Check the button "show candlesticks".)

    IB charting has actually made a lot of improvements. They have a long way to go. Still no ability to draw trendlines!!
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    Yep.....Simply can't figure out what IB is thinking in their charting capabilities. If you like to throw up any kind of indicator, they're much harder to see with the black background. Oh well, least they are making progress.
  8. There's an option to live update, no?
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    They do auto update. It's not live though. Kinda weird. You just have to watch it in order to see what they are doing. However, you can refresh at any moment to see what the chart actually should look like. The chart definitely appears differently when you refresh it, as opposed to just letting it "auto-update". Check it out.
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    It sure seems like IB could do better than this as far as a charting program. They evrything else so well.
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