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  1. Is it just me or is IB having chart problems today? All of my charts in TWS are blank. I have tried clearing out my profile and starting fresh and then adding a new chart, but it still comes back blank.

    Above the chart window says "Loading..." (See screenshot)

    Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Here is the screenshot
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    In NYC, as of now, TWS charts are loading properly.

  4. Have you tried re-booting a few times? Everything's loading fine here.
  5. No fx data all day in UK. Others are same in IB chat room. But no messages or notifications from IB. In six years as a client this is the first time I feel they have behaved poorly.
  6. DAV

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    We posted this message on the system status page hours ago:

    Some traders may be having difficulty loading charts for Forex pairs. If a Forex chart is left open, this may prevent charts for other securities from loading properly. We are aware of this issue and expect a resolution shortly.
    Traders experiencing this issue should close all Forex chart windows. This should prevent issues with loading other charts (stock, futures, etc).

    All other IB systems are operating normally.
  7. Dav, Thanks for the update. I didn't know about the IB status page. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    I just closed out my FX charts and the other charts loaded fine. I think I can get by for now.

    FYI, the IB status page is showing green right now @ 6 PM EST


    Is this the page you got that info from?
  8. Oh btw, i love IB. They are the best.

    I normally post here because there are a lot of active IB traders on ET and people respond quickly :)

    Though I really should be calling IB tech support for this type of stuff instead.
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    still no resolution of problems with FX data. It has been 2 days.

    Everytime I go to online chat I am told "we are working on the problem"
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    IB is very popular for its worst charts and customer support in the brokers industry. However I use IB because of the dirt cheap comm and easy tax documents. I do have problem of loading charts too. One way to solve the problem is to download ninjatrader software(which is free) and hook up IB data feed. you will get class A charts with IB data feed. That's what I do . :)
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