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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JKG, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. JKG


    The IB TWS chart is so hard to use. I always have trouble opening a chart in IB TWS, especially for the combo chart. They are just too slow, and sometimes never show up at all... Are there any good charting software that can use the IB data, but much much faster? It better be able to open a combo chart...

  2. Sierra Chart (google it) is a good choice.
  3. JKG


    Thanks kiwi. I just had a look at it. But looks like it does not support options. I am mainly interested in the options chart.
  4. A wide variety of charts are able to use IB's data feed. Try looking at the list of third party products on IB's website. I use Ensign which allows you to do just about everything charting futures, but I have no idea if it has an option feature. I think not.
  5. jgold310


    yep IB charts are a piece of crap, I already complained and nothing was done. They do they forever to load and the bars look even worse if you do 5min or less on longer than 1 day.
    I opened an account at Think or Swim with minimum equity just to use their charts and other features.
  6. You can chart options with SC ... I recall seeing people working out what the correct symbols for different strikes were but don't do it myself.