IB TWS Build 917 Chart Problem [Username in Window]

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by FroggerMan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. With the 917 release of TWS on 4/26 account numbers are now shown on the chart window on the Windows Taskbar followed by the security’s symbol (ex. U944444 AAPL….) In the previous version of TWS the security’s symbol was the first piece of data shown in the window on the Windows Taskbar. The problem with having the account number first is when you have multiple windows open (8 or more on a 19” screen) each individual chart’s window on the taskbar gets shrunk down to fit on the taskbar (the mare charts you open the smaller it gets). When this happens since the security’s symbol is not first, you can no longer see it and you just end up with your account number being shown. This means you have no way to see what chart is for what symbol without hovering over each one with you mouse.

    I would like to either see 1 – revert back to the old setting and have the symbol first or 2 – create an option in the configuration section to hide / remove your account number from the chart windows.
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    This was just fixed in the 917.3 build (released yesterday, I think, though its date is May 3).