IB TWS Build 905 - Does anyone has the intaller .exe?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TSchulz, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. TSchulz


    I unfortunately installed the latest build and now, I'm not able to directly trade in the booktrader (now this annoying confirmation windows opens).
    Does anyone still has the build 905?
    Thanks a lot!
  2. In case nobody else replies, I have 900.

    (You don't know me :) )


    (You have to click the "Free" button down to the right, enter a code, wait 30 seconds and you'll probably get some porn ad along the way, but hey, it's free. If that's too annoying send me a PM and I'll try sending you the file by e-mail - it's 21 Mb)
  3. Bob111


  4. Thank you Bob! :)

    They used to keep the last few ones available, but they have eliminated access to all of them but 906 due to a patent infringement lawsuit.
  5. Bob111


    they only keep current and previous build.
  6. Just an observation. Your idea to download the older version is only a temporary fix for the problem. You can currently use either ButtonTrader or ZeroLine Trader as a front end with IB. Both are good. Then your problem is solved...you don't have to use an older version.

  7. TSchulz


    @ Picaso & Bob
    Thanks a lot for the uploads!!! That's really helpful!

    Yes, I'm aware of that... But at least it buys me some time :)
    I heard ButtonTrader should anyhow be mandatory for every serious Trader. I never tried it as I got used to the Booktrader and was confident with it... No I guess it's time to evaluate some other software...

  8. pspr


    But, when I installed the TWS update a day or so ago my Bracket Trader quit talking to the API and I had to go back to the previous version. I must be the only one who had the problem since I don't see anything about it on the bracket trader forum or here.
  9. pretzel


    The latest TWS requires you to use the actual local IP. You can do that in Bracket Trader by clicking Preferences, Connect to IB, then click Local IP in the pop up window.
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