IB TWS bug - Java 17 Update 21 and 25

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rsi80, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Hi, all

    I wonder if anyone experiences the following bug when using TWS 936.9 with Java 17 Update 21 or 25.

    When we try to modify the price of an instrument by right-clicking on the relevant cell in the order row, no cursor appears within the cell, and it becomes impossible to change the price in this manner.

    To avoid this bug, I've to continue using Java 7 Update 17.

    Your feedback, please!
  2. I always use the latest Java version and I've noticed this too but I thought it was because I was using Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) and it was some Linux bug. I get around it by clicking once on the ask price for buys or bid price for sells, then right clicking in the new row and selecting "Modify" then selecting "Order ticket" from the sub-menu. An order window appears and everything is editable there. Using old versions of Java is a bad idea, especially in Windows if that's what you're on.
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    Just to provide an update. Using Java 7 build 25, I've upgraded from TWS 936.9 to 936.9h (released on 18 July), and the bug described in the above post is gone.

    If 936.9h does the trick, kudos to the IB software team!