IB - TWS - Browser Based or Standalone?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm about to open an account with Interactive Brokers. Was wondering if you use browswer-based TWS or standalone? Also, how has your experience been with IB?

  2. Browser based. Years ago I had a lot of trouble with the stand alone
  3. I use the one that launches a java app from the browser.


    My only complaint is that it seems like it wants to re-download the app every time I launch it.

    Also it takes a bit of getting used to if you're coming from a broker like ameritrade.

    I've been pretty happy with them, but I'm a pretty low maintenance user.

    I'm basically only doing limit orders on stocks with some conditional attached orders. IE: limit buy with an attached order that turns into a limit sell after the buy order is executed.

    I've really only submitted a question once. I first submitted it via the live chat option, but the person I got was an idiot so I opened an actual ticket and they were able to answer my question.

  4. ignore the newbs.

    use the standalone.
  5. JackR



    Browser in a misnomer.

    Both are loaded on your machine. However, whenever you start the "browser-based" version it checks to see if there is a revised/updated/fixed version of the the one you have. If so, it is downloaded and then the TWS opens.

    If you search here at ET you'll see that a number of the IB stalwarts complain about "beta-testing" new versions of the TWS without being told they are beta-testing. IB actually does produce a beta version, but you must select it and download it. However, many feel every release is a beta.

    You'll notice that the Browser version generally has a higher version number than the downloadable. If you use the "browser-based" TWS you are an early user of the latest version of the TWS. If you use the downloaded version, you are a later adapter of the latest version. By using the downloaded version you can be prepared for the latest "enhancements". Using the browser version is more exciting, especially if IB has changed the defaults on something and you don't realize there has been an update.

    I am a long-time IB customer. I stick with the downloaded version.

  6. Bob111


    depends..how you going to handle multiple accounts with browser version?
    my choice is always stand alone(and whatever comes with it)

    browser is even more slow and sluggish than stand alone. plus you will be always exposed to variety of new bugs and glitches,cause browser is always latest,regardless if you like it or not.
  7. I use the standalone. It takes forever to download the browser, and that can be nerve wracking if you go down in the middle of a hot trade

    yes, I'm not afraid to post my complaints about IB, but I am a satisfied customer, been with them a little over ten years with some time off for good behavior (made so much I didn't need to trade)
  8. Another vote for standalone.

    Browser is for experiments and people who cant install the standalone for some reason (trading from work?)
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