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    I've been with IB a short time, a few months, and recently been using the Java based version of TWS which is on IB's servers. I don't have access to my personal computer now so I've been using a computer at the University here the last month or so and it's worked fine. However, once the login was changed in the latest version on July 1 as described here, "The TWS is now deployed using Java Webstart. This change reduces the startup time, and changes the look of the login screen." now I'm no longer able to login to my account. When the software tries to load itself I guess, it immediately disappears and another window pops up saying I don't have permission to access these features on this computer, etc. As I don't have administrative privileges on a public computer I'm unable to login and thus unable to trade. I called earlier today to discuss this with the software people at IB, but the guy I talked to basically was coming from a place of, "This isn't our problem, it's yours." So that's not helpful to me. I doubt I'm the only one having this problem. Is anyone else having this problem and does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can remedy this and still use this computer? As I mentioned, the other login worked fine, and the guy I talked to mentioned I could login through the UK, or French, or German website. So that will work for now but he said they'll be changing this shortly. So then I'll be stuck again. Could I install the software on a flash drive and run it from there? I greatly appreciate whatever help you have to offer.
    Thanks very much.
  2. Been there. Done that. Closed my account.

    Oh by the way! Got insulted on the way out.
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    I don't know how often you are away from your computer. If it is not often, then you could try using the web-trader. Would that be sufficient?
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    No. It isn't sufficient at all. The guy I talked to there about this issue today at IB said that would be all I could do and I told him I trade futures intraday. Would you try to do that with the web-trader? Not me. No charts. No BookTrader. No Level II. Etc.
    You know, you guys changed the software to improve it I'm sure. But in doing so, although it speeds up the login by a few seconds, it's created this other problem for at least some of us. A problem where I can't even login to my account and trade. I had this problem at two different colleges of not being able to login after this last "upgrade". So that doesn't work. Now if you had an alternative login page like the old one, then that would be fine. As I mentioned to the fellow today at IB, isn't this java version of the software created so people can use computers where they can't install the software? If I had my own computer I have the software installed so it's no problem. I tried installing the software on a flash drive but that didn't work here. When I click on the login link from the homepage it says, "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in affect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator." But as I've mentioned this is a public computer and there's no way they're going to change things for me. :) I hope you'll be able to help me and not just say, "Sorry, it's your issue and not ours." Thanks much. :)
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    Hi, again.
    Found the link that works. This page loads the login perfectly. If you can just leave it up on one of the servers that would be greatly appreciated and would completely solve this problem and allow me to trade. The link is http://www.interactivebrokers.com/cgi-bin/jtslink.pl
    From this page I can login fine. Thanks much. :)