IB TWS beta : Use eSignal Market Data in TWS

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by greenday90, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. eSignal Market Data in TWS ...

    Work fine ?

    Booktrader work with esignal datafeed ???

    Is possible to have zenfire datafeed into TWS ( in the future ........ ) ???

  2. DAV

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    Yes we support eSignal for market data and we will soon allow eSignal for charts and time & sales.
  3. That's great news.
  4. I think I like it but the devil's in the details.
    Esignal's been less stable than IB lately in
    high volume. Which price points will execute
    more reliably, etc. Can anyone explain?
  5. I hope this doesn't mean that IB will make its own data less of a priority. I've tried E-signal, more than once, and came to the conclusion that it was never as reliable or as timely as IB's data, and was also grossly overpriced and grossly undersupported.
  6. concur; I use esignal for its chart; if only IB can improve its chart; i will dump esingal asap
  7. If your happy with IB data...

    Have you tried QuoteTracker?
  8. Two questions:

    1. In the market data dialog, one can specify if one wishes to get stock and/or option data from eSignal. What about futures data? Can I feed stock data from eSignal and futures data from IB into TWS simultaneously?


    2. IB stock data has limits to how many symbols it feeds simultaneously. If I set eSignal to be the data source for stock data, is the max. number of simultaneously fed symbols then determined by my eSignal account settings rather than IB's internal data feed restrictions?

    Thank you.
  9. vikana

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    let's hope they use the real eSignal API, and not ActiveX. ActiveX is limited to 50 symbols, at least last time i looked.
  10. Agreed on staying clear of esignal.

    IB, I recognize your need to innovate but any time you innovate esignal into being your primary data source I will innovate over to another broker.
    #10     Nov 14, 2008