IB TWS beta 875 and View > Account busted for anyone else?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rayl, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. rayl


    I've been trying out the new TWS beta 875 (started with 875.0c and now at 875.0e). For me, View > Account the first time brings up a window saying an error has occurred.... asking if I want to send error report to IB (of course, yes). Then after that, View > Account does nothing.

    If I delete my settings, I can get back to the error dialog.

    This all is working great in 874.4.

    Anyone else seen this?

    CS suggested a bunch of things... deleting settings, deleting java temp files, downgrading to jre 1.5.0_12. All to no avail.

    Beta 875.0e and my Paper trading account work fine for View > Account. Just my live account that it won't work for.

    So it must be something about my positons, or maybe about Portfolio Margin.

    I know, it's still beta. But that CS has been unable to replicate the problem -- worries me that this will get released.... eventually 874.4 will be phased out..... and I won't have a working View > Account!
  2. No Problems here. I Love the new Account Window.. Miles easier to read and understand without "Thinking"
  3. rayl


    I love it too given what I saw on my paper account! Now if it'd only work on my live account...
  4. rayl


    Ha! I've been trying a whole bunch of things, like turning on/off different columns in account..... and then I ran into the dreaded midnight server reset. And now my account window works in TWS 875.0e!!!

    It sure feels like someone fixed something bec it didn't work last week on 875.0c, nor earlier Wed on 875.0e.....

    Either that or the other change that I made at the same time was I found the setting to turn off those help popups describing the +'s in the new Account window. Mayhbe there was a bug with those, but I've bypassed them.

    But I will just be happy to stop fiddling now, and won't complain.
  5. Glad you got it working.....