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  1. Is anyone using TWS on a VPS (virtual private server) at VPSland? I got my VPS running but TWS is unable to login to IB (it can login fine from my home PC so it appears to be a connectivity issue). I asked their support and they verified port 4000 is open, is there anything else I need to do?

    Thanks in advance....

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    Just want to ask the obvious, no insult intended, but do you have your account locked to your IP address?

    BTW, I use a VPS for my TWS access and don't have a problem accessing. I use 1and1. Could be your provider.
  3. Not that I'm aware of .... and I'm able to connect from either of my home ISPs plus from behind a firewall at my work.

    I just cancelled my 1and1 vps as vpsland is cheaper and I get more RAM. However, not being able to connect is a definite shopstopper. I can't even make a socket connection to gw1.ibllc.com, so it seems to be a connectivity issue. Time for another help desk ticket.....
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    are you really safe from hackers? i've heard that vps you share some resources with others and its vulnerable to hack.....it'd be pretty darn awful especially if your hacker decides to experiment with your broker account :(
  5. I suppose anything is possible, but I'm less worried about VPS customers trying to hack me than the 16 year old pimply faced teenager down the street sharing my cable modem subnet. Just the same I won't allow TWS API connections from anywhere but localhost.....
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    so , provided if you are runnig ATS, do you leave ur PC on all day ?

    just yesterday i had a black out, it was at 3 am, and i wasn't running any systems but it made me think....i should get UPS.
  7. Yes, you need a UPS. I also have a a backup ISP (was DSL, now it's FIOS).
  8. did you get it to work

    i wanted to sign up at VPSland for the same reason today

    something came up and i didnt, now i see your post
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    how about 56k ? will it work...
  10. Dunno, it depends how fast your connection needs to be. To use TWS from IB it will probably work, just be very slow.

    VPSLand appears to have some real winners in their technical support department. The guy told me to reconfigure TWS so it will connect to IB despite my providing him with evidence that outbound traffic on port 4000 (the TWS port) is being blocked on my VPS. Time to escalate.....
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