IB TWS API no order acknowledgement !

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  1. My understanding is that IB has changed their backend server assignments. This has resulted in order acknowledgement disruptions.

    A side-effect of this server-side change is that TWS is broken, not receiving order acknowledgements. API clients, in particular, do not receive all Order Acknowledgements when this bug appears. Depending on the API client, it may hang, or abandon the order.

    Workaround at this time is to use the v877.4 beta (or higher) version of TWS, which can be accessed using this link from your web browser, assuming you have Java JRE 6 installed on your system.


    This will not alter your current standalone TWS installation, but will give you access to v877.4 in most cases.

    (Once only, after running the app, then get a command line, and use "javaws -viewer" with JRE 6 and you can then install "desktop shortcuts" for this Java Web Start managed instance of TWS, so you can run it from your start bar, etc.)

    If this doesn't work for you I cannot help support you, and you should contact IB for status on this problem.

    Good Trading ! :) FS
  2. I don't see any problems with 875.3 (installed).

    I'm using the beta API, tho.
  3. Well, I know ButtonTrader users have had problems. My own front-end client hasn't seen them yet.

    My understanding is they segregated out retail users on their server side, and this interacted with TWS API resulting in failure of acknowledgements which causes many API clients to hang.

    Just a heads-up; check with your API vendor; unless, of course, you wrote it yourself :) In that case, check with yourself ...

  4. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    There was a software change that affected some API customers, including ButtonTrader users. The effect was that for users that had only a single account, the account was no longer passed to the API with the execution reports. We assumed that this would not cause a problem because the account is already known, but some API software apparently relies on the account field being present. The issue has been corrected on our end and will be released over the next few days.