IB TWS - Annoying feature in 907.7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cdntrader, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. What with this message every time you click a row in TWS??

    "Type a ticker symbol in this column to add a security"

    How do I get rid of it? I don't see any option in configuration.

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    Did you solve it? Can you please tell me how?

  3. No.

    I'm hoping it goes away in the next version.
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    Thank you for replying. I will hope the same as well.
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    I would not have to deal with TWS directly for anything if their API worked right... chart trader in Sierra Charts shows all the positions, stops, etc., right on the screen... but TWS horks things up with the OCO bracket orders so Sierra Charts manages them... I can't place an order, shut the laptop down and go to another location, the bracket order won't happen if I get filled enroute... I have to wait to get filled, then SC will place the bracket order... so I have to go to that garish looking TWS and place the bracket order and I hate it.... changing brokers with SC is a piece of cake, everything would be better for me with OEC... switching is getting to be a higher priority as time goes by... the way IB's software constantly comes up with "gotchas" is scary, it's going to cost a lot of us a lot of $ eventually when something odd happens...
  6. still there in 908 version. Is this seriously a permanent feature??

    :eek: :confused: :mad:
  7. One of my peeves about TWS: For rapid pace daytrading of American-listed stocks (or any other single/few specific exchange style trading, rapid pace) that one extra step of having to specify exchange, etc. on the drop down when you enter a symbol.

    One should be able to, in configuration settings, exclude certain exchanges from ever popping up, or alternatively, be able to specify only specific exchanges for when specific symbols are entered.

    I.e., in an event, for the time it takes me to quickly enter symbol, and an order for 5 random symbols, I could have done 10-15 symbols and same order in an Anvil style platform.

    Anvil: Symbol, Enter, Hotkey.

    TWS: Symbol, Enter, Scroll and Select Proper Security, Enter, Hotkey.

    Obviously Anvil, etc., and TWS are not meant to be direct competitors, but not being able to configure around this somehow, is annoying.
  8. here's a screenshot:
  9. DAV

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    We acknowledge the problem with the tooltip "Type a ticker symbol in this column to add a security". It will be fixed.
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    Thank you for your message.
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