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  1. anyone know why IB TWS is always downloading every time I start it? it seems almost every day it has to redownload the 11mb file. they can't be updating it that often, do they?
  2. Mine doesn't ... I've got version 866.5 ... what version are you running?

    Also what version of java and the api?
  3. Strange.

    Good ideas though, I've reinstalled API and JRE. I've also installed TWS standalone. I trade via BrackTrader anyways, so just need the API. Thanks for your help.
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    I'm afraid they do.
  5. I didn't realise u were using the browser version ... in which case thats right, they do.

    But standalone doesn't ... a much better solution.
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    why does the browser version update more often?
  7. Interesting question ... if the cache is large and its not set to autorefresh such objects every restart or every X days then it might not. But maybe it does every time ... my browser related TWS directory has very little in it.
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    can you modify the cache and update policy with webstart? I thought new jars were downloaded just after every update.
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    Browser version of TWS is published more often, sometimes with set of just minor bug fixes, where standalone TWS is pushed out only when major upgrade is required.
    In other words, browser version is more "current".
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    Sounds like you are using the link to the TWS beta browser version. This will download a fresh copy very frequently as they post beta udpates/fixes.

    The regular browser version does not update as often.

    Read the webpage and you'll see the one you want.
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