IB TWS "add underlying symbol" problem

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by travis, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. travis


    This is the closest I've gotten to solving the problem so far:

    "Note: If you add a market data line for a derivative instrument, TWS will ask if you want the underlying symbol added to the page. If you answer yes, it will be included above its derivative."

    If you answer "remember my decision", it will ALWAYS add the underlying symbol.

    My friend checked "remember my decision", and clicked "yes", and now every time he adds a future, it adds the underlying symbol. I've been trying to find the settings menu to disable this for the past half hour.

    I don't think TWS meant "remember my decision forever" but then I also have to find that menu where you revert the decision.

    Nothing here either:

    Nothing in the TWS help... this is a nightmare. Never ever click "remember my decision" unless you know how to revert it.
  2. moarla


    go to "global config"
    then select "messages"

    and there you find the different messages.
    2nd line = add underlying...."
    enable this messages and it will pop up next time so you can choose what you want to do

    maby that is what you are searching for...
  3. travis


    Yes, that is it, thank you. I had just come back to post this image, and to say how I had just found out that it is indeed possible to "forget this decision". Thanks.

    It was anything but intuitive that the option would be found in the "messages" section (rather than in a "ticker" or "page" section). If this is "messages", then all the settings should in that section, because the whole program is full of messages. They should rename it "remember my decision tricky messages".
  4. GREAAAAT!!!
    i had the same problem i was looking everywhere... i reset the configuration panel.. reinstalled the program... everything..
    then i google it.... "don't add underlyings in tws"... and i found this forum in the first line... THANK YOU!!
    i agree configuration in TWS is new science that you have to learn if have an account with IB.
    thank you again..greetings from Chile.
  5. travis


    You're welcome. Thanks for letting us know you appreciated the thread.