IB TWS 899.7 Account Window Problems

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Catoosa, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Catoosa


    I upgraded TWS from 898.4 to 899.7 on two unrelated computers and the account windows on both computers are screwed up as a result. The account window may or may not look correct (as I set it up) when I first open TWS provided I do not save the screwed up account window changes after the problem happens. The window can look correct but within a minute to an hour or more, the portfolio columns will change in their order, column width, and may have one or more new columns added. When I go back and check my global account window settings, the morphed column order will not match my global settings and the global settings may have also been altered by the bug to add one or more new columns. The altered columns are not readable due to the altered widths being unable to display the information. None of the column widths are retained. I can manually re-setup the portfolio columns and within a minute to an hour or more the columns will be all screwed up again. Re-setting up the account window and saving the settings does not fix the problem. It is like TWS 899.7 is determined to setup its own account window settings and override my settings. Anyone else having this problem with TWS 899.7?
  2. BSAM


    I brought up 899 and was checking the charting feature. It wouldn't even show the pivot points. Stay away from this version! IB what are you doing??? (This from an IB supporter.)
  3. Catoosa


    I am impressed with IB tech support on this problem as IB jumped onto this problem within minutes of my posting. I received a phone call from IB tech support and they spent nearly an hour on the phone getting information, files and folders from me to try and get this problem fixed soon.
  4. dst

    dst Interactive Brokers

    Thank you for your willingness to help us resolve this problem; your logs and settings are very useful to us. We are still investigating this issue, and will provide you with the resolution shortly.
  5. Bob111


    i'm having hard time to understand,why it's always like this...or worse..the thing that use to work just fine-got f** ed up after new build..the problem with IB is that there is few builds ever single month! and with every single build something that use work fine got f**d up..from what i've seen most of the stuff that got f*ed up never been fixed completely..
    this is why i hate to switch\update to new version..you never know what to expect..
    IB-can you hear me for once?
  6. IB software is worst each time they release it. I kept an old version until they FORCED me to change.

    Does anyone know enough Java to help me modify the old software and get it to by-pass their logon check?
  7. I agree totally with you Bob.
    There software is garbage. Things that used to work no longer work.
    They are clueless.

    They expect customers to be unpaid Beta testers, as that is all their buggy software can be called, beta garbage.