IB: TWS 864 is BAD !!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by HHHtrade, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. HHHtrade

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    I`m back ( FAST ) at 862.9a

    Please, invest in TWS and Data feed quality and not on NEWS PRODUCT ( like Penny-Priced Options. ) .

    In the world no exist only ""OPTIONS"" !!!

    But stocks ,futures, bond ..... etc.
  2. huh?

  3. I love my TWS ver 860.9

    Heaven is an earlier rock solid TWS :)
  4. zdreg


    don't they beta test?
  5. I think they do but there are so many environments out there (and so many ways of doing things) that you can't catch everything ... Would you run the latest IE or anything complex if your money depended on its stability, before it had been out for a couple of weeks?

    This is a mission critical App ... its not just your browser ... its your livelihood!

    Don't upgrade unless you get something for it.

    and even then, hang around a couple of weeks after the release before you load it.

    After all, what is it we do in trading that requires us to run the latest version of software while the paint is still wet?
  6. HHHtrade

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    Huh what ????
  7. Tums


    I want to confirm: this new TWS (nov 2) is NO GOOD.

  8. "In the world no exist only ""OPTIONS"" !!!

    But stocks ,futures, bond ..... etc."

    HUH to that. that makes absolutely no sense.
  9. why?
  10. Sashe


    He probably is trying to say that options aren't the only trading vehicle in the world implying that IB paying too much attention to improve options trading at TWS, ignoring other trading instruments like stocks, bonds and futures...

    #10     Nov 6, 2006