IB TWS 4h Interval Chart

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  1. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me how to get 4hr chart from IB TWS?
    Is there any third party software that can utilize IB data feed to get 4hr charts?
    Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Just about any 3rd party IB compatible charting software would give you the ability to plot 4 hour charts. Some possible candidates would be:

    Ninja Trader

    This is just a short list but probably some of the more well-known names.
  3. The nice thing about Sierra Chart is you can arrange for midnight when it suits so that the 4 hour charts start at the correct time.

    I set midnight to = close of globex so that my daily IB charts start at the same time as my 4 hr charts.
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    IB's new free platform www.futuretrade.com is scheduled for release by the end of the month. I wonder if that does four hour charts.
  5. Thanks for the heads up guys. I'm trading naked, sort of speak :)
    Barely any indicator on my chart.
    That's why I'm pretty much happy with what I've got with IB's TWS.
    However, in trying to get a sense of the big picture (I'm branching out with a new strategy here from trading the news), it's hard to do without the 4hr interval chart.
    I do hope that IB will offer them in the future.
    In the meantime, what do you suggest is best for the 3rd party software?
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    I have no idea what a 4 hour chart is or why one wants it

    is there an explanation somewhere?

    As someone mentioned - try Quotetracker -- it is tons better than IB charts ans uses their feed

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    IB's TWS does provide 4hr charts.