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  1. IB Traders: I need to consult by telephone on how IB presents its Account information, I need clear advice in a simple manner to find out what the profit, the balance and the margin is. The information on their website is not meaningful to me and nor is their helpline.
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    then you shouldn't be using IB.

    you might not like my answer, but you are dealing with real money here. If you can't even understand their statement, nor the comprehensive help on their website, then I would seriously advise you to re-consider using IB as your broker. There are many excellent brokers out there with great services. IB is no be all and end all broker.
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    The answer is good. Generally, I do not use them. I go to alot of expense and trouble to trade elsewhere but the TWS is excellent and I can't find anything to replace it for some trades, I've looked at alternatives like Cybertrader. It's just the accounts section that is difficult. The help is comprehensive but its designed for people in accounts. Other brokers do not present info the accounts like that, and I am certainly not the only person with real difficulty understanding the accounts. Alot of things are not clear.

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  5. Are you trading futures? If so, Open E-cry support is extremely helpful, they have an excellent trading platform, and have easy to read statements.
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    Yes, OEC are superb and an example of clear statements. Though, I trade stocks as well as futures. OEC is an example of how I go to another broker wherever possible. There are valid questions to be asked about the IB statements, I've phoned and emailed dozens of times over a year.