IB: Turn Research into Transactions with Back-Tested Portfolio Builder Strategies

Discussion in 'Events' started by def, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Here's another new feature which is really neat:


    Turn Research into Transactions with Back-Tested Portfolio Builder Strategies Portfolio Builder allows you to create and invest in custom-designed strategies and then track their performance in your existing portfolio. To make it easier to get started, we now provide four predefined, editable templates. We've also significantly increased the number and types of criteria you can use to define the stocks in your strategies universe including market capitalization, analyst ratings, and dozens of fundamentals criteria.

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  2. conduit


    How about you start improving your historical data repository and service? There are tons of people willing to pay but you just dont offer a decent historical data product. You have all the cloud space there can be, you have all the data, you have the bandwidth to disseminate the data (which can be financed even via a for you profitable product that the client is charged).

    Here is the bottom line:

    Your scanner/screener, and now this product are WORTHLESS because they do not offer the needed flexibility on the server side. Whats the point, for example, as part of your scanner/screener product, to chose from 10 different settings that are incredibly limiting, such as top gainers/losers, market cap, .... Only way clients bite is when they can fully customize a server side product offering or else do it themselves using your data which you currently DONT provide.

    Same now with this product: What means "back tested portfolio builder strategies"? Means nothing in the larger context but sounds like great marketing gibberish.

    Here is when you can really stun the community and monetize things you ALREADY have: Historical data access. I am willing to pay 50-100 dollar a month to access your historical data products without the ridiculously limiting pacing violations, possibly even more given the data quality, speed of request-reply turnaround, and scope of data accessible.

    Let's be honest, without either data to do it on our own end, or you offering a totally customizable screener, scanner, back-tester, portfolio builder...those little pet project that your firm is pumping out every other month will see very little take-up, imho.

    Just my 2 cents.