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  1. I just downloaded the newest version of TWS and now it won't log me in. Has anyone else had this trouble and can anyone tell me how to get my old version back again?
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    Try to upgrade to the latest Java 2 Runtime environment v. 1.4.2_04
  3. Fohat
    Thanks for the reply. Did you have this problem and did the upgrade solve it?
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    Also make sure you are not clicking the old shortcuts, they will give you a log in box that just sits and does nothing. I just did 820 and did not upgrade java, deleted the old shortcuts and works fine.
  5. ron2368 is right, i had the same problem, use the new shortcut, they changed the parameters.
  6. Where do I find shortcuts. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Start -> Programs -> Trader workstation
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    The "shortcuts" are created by you. Rightclick on TWS's desktop icon and a menu opens, click on "create shortcut". A second icon will be created on your desktop. You can drag that second icon to your toolbar. Rightclicking also gets you "properties", where you can rename the icon.

    Another way to update your shortcut, if you already have a shortcut and it's not working, is to rightclick the desktop icon and select "properties". Copy the "target" path. Then rightclick the shortcut toolbar icon, select "properties" and paste in the new target path. Click OK.
  9. the new version of tws has a complicated command line in its shortcut.

    i am pasting it here, if you create your own shortcut, make sure to paste the following in the Target line of your shortcut

    c:\WINDOWS\system32\javaw.exe -cp jts.jar;jcommon-0.9.0.jar;jfreechart-0.9.15.jar -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true jclient/LoginFrame c:\PROGRA~1\JTS
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