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  1. IB provides trin for the nyse in a couple of different ways. One is as a direct quote on the TWS. The other is via their market statistics page available via their market scanning function.

    I think that their Trin is incorrect. The formula is A/D all divided by advancing volume/declining volume. When you perform that calculation using IB's NYSE statistics, it's incorrect, sometimes by a wide margin.

    That means perhaps that some of the input is incorrect. Up volume and down volume look the most suspicious. While the volume figures are rounded off, it appears they aren't even close to the NYSE numbers.

    I contacted IB, and evidently no one is in charge of the statistics!:D Anyone have a clue here what the problem is...meaning, am I misunderstanding something, or is the Trin reading, and perhaps the up volume, down volume on the NYSE completely wrong?

    Thanks for any info.

  2. well trin is 1.33 at the moment, whats IB saying..
  3. 1.26. 1774 Advances, 1478 Declines, Up Vol 7,164,333 , Down Volume 5,135,786. When you calculate it using their numbers, trin comes out to .86.
  4. It is very similar to the TRIN on eSignal except it updates more frequently. Haven't a reason for thinking it is incorrect.

    You might question where they are getting their volume from -- all exchange or just the NYSE.
  5. eSignal TRIN right now is 1.42, IB is 1.40.
  6. Something odd:

    eSignal up volume: 592M
    eSignal down volume: 714M

    IB up volume: 750M
    IB down volume: 550M
  7. Volume looks like it's the culprit. Way off at least for the NYSE. Evidently they must not be using that particular number to calculate their Trin reading.

    Thanks for you input.

  8. Exactly. I can't figure out what they're looking at. Frankly those ESignal numbers don't look right either.

    The reason I brought the Trin issue up is that a friend told me my trin was completely different than his (this was about a week ago). Didn't think to ask his quote source...because when I calculated IB's using the A/D and volume inputs, it didn't calculate right.


    EDIT: I'm showing 1,183,774.850 Down volume, 855,188,480 Up Volume from another source.