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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Maxito, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I started with Datek, and am now a CyberTrader doing 5 to 8 day trades daily (3 monitors on ADSL) and wish to change to IB so that I can afford to trade smaller lots profitably. Can someone please direct me to the best threads here (or answer directly, of course:)) to find the best "total" software solution of order entry (TWS) and data feed (?). My research leads me to believe using IB for executions and RealTick Pro Plus for charting, LII, and news would work well. tia
  2. Maxito, I'm doing similar to what you are. Only thing I'm doing different is charting with Quicken Quotes Live. Total cost is $70 per month including level 2 and option chains. I'm trading in 100 share lots while I'm learning so a round trip is just $2.00. Can't beat it. Btw, at least with this lot size, I have had great success with IB's BEST routing for nasdaq market orders, contrary to some others experiences. For nasdaq, about all I use is BEST. Good luck$
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    bundlemaker, thanks for the reply. Yes I am also trading naz stocks, following about 6 of them. RT is $250 + ecn fees from what I read, but breakeven from cyber is only about 20 trades! Good luck with your trading.
  4. I use eSignal and TWS. I have my own charting so I cannot give you any recommendations on that.

    Current eSignal charts are terrible, but the upcoming new software have lots of nice improvments. Do a search for eSignal and read the threads