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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trading4life, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. I have decide to set up a network in my office for trading reason. I am looking to order a router but dont know which kind to get. I used to have problem with IB trading software and found out its my NIC card problem, so I changed my linksys to 3com 905. I just wordering is it best to buy a 3com router also? thanks
  2. I'm using an SMC Barricade router/hub. I paid about $70, (check pricewatch.com) has 4 ethernet ports, printer port and has worked great for me. It also works as a firewall so I don't need to screw with software firewall.
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    I have the same SMC Router (model 7004BR), excellent, stable, makes a fine print server, superb hardware firewall (run it on the Gibson Research site as a test, passes security with flying colors).
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    Trading4life: I'm running IB through a Linksys router and 3Com 3C905B-TX nic with no problems at all. Like you I originally had a Linksys nic which was not compatible.
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    I'm using a NetGear RT314 with no problem. I had the NIC problem too.
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    All routers are good today. They all do the standard NAT and DHCP wich will give you enoug protection from most but the most determined hackers.

    IMHO, I would go with the RT314 or similar model. The reason is because they have teriffic tech-support in case you need it.

  7. Thanks for the respones. I will go order a netgear RT314