IB trading us stocks overseas.

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  1. is anyone with IB trading us stocks overseas at night.wondering if there is movement in stocks like MSFT GE ect at night.also wondering what market is best.also any other tips to look out for.tia
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    markets typically do not show up until very late (3 AM NY). When markets are made, they are usually wide. I haven't looked in a while but since many of these stocks trade in Europe (you can access them via multi-currency account), I would guess the spreads tighten when Europe opens. The best thing to do would be to load up the symbols you want next to the corresponding european market and trade the tighter spread).

    If I get a chance later today, i'll take a look.
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    Def: I am also interested in any thing you can pass on to us on this subject.

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    looks like you are much better off trading the US stocks in Europe (i only looked at ibis - which is really xetra)

    here is a screen shot I put together at 4:30 AM NY time:

    (it was too large and I couldn't post. I need more time to play with it tomorrow - unless some can give me a site to post it).

    In short, the Euro markets are all pretty active in the big names while the ecn's (primarily instinet) have very wide and low size markets).
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    Here's the screen shot I said I would post showing a bunch of US markets in the wee hours vs the european makrets.

    you'll have to adjust the euro markets from euros to dollars. Nevertheless, the spreads are pretty good and have decent size (in the bigger names).

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  7. got my multi currency account set up.looks like lots of us stocks trade overseas.
    looks like im going to need some kind of calculator to figure out what the price should be .does anyone know of one works good?
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    Just set up a spreadsheet to provide converted streaming quotes. ECY is the symbol for cash Euro/USD fx. Most quote packages come with a DDE link for excel integration that will let you do this.

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