IB trading arcade commission cut on US futures

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by GeorgeSoros, May 15, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to discuss this topic a bit.

    Has anybody thought about creating an online trading group in Europe in order to profit from this new lower commissions ?

    Some examples of new roundturn commissions :

    YM: 2.84$-2.64$-2.39$-2.19$-2.09$
    (VF is 2.80$-2.50$-2.20$-1.90$-1.80$-1.75$)

    ZB-ZN: 2.88$-2.68$-2.43$-2.23$-2.13$
    (VF is 2.15$-2.00$-1.80$-1.60$-1.45$-1.30$)

    ES-NQ-ER2: 3.54$-3.34$-3.09$-2.89$-2.79$
    (VF is 3.90$-3.75$-3.32$-3.00$-2.82$-2.52$)

    EUR-JPY-GBP: 3.54$-3.34$-3.09$-2.89$-2.79$
    (VF is 4.75$-4.45$-4.10$-3.75$)

    VF stands for VelocityFutures

    As you can see it is particularly interesting for CME FX!

    So what about a union of independant online traders in order to get rebates at IB ?
  2. COUNT ME IN.... seriously i been thinking the same thing as you.
  3. nitro


    People do this all the time.

    In fact, that is in effect why an Introducing Broker gets such good rates.

    But I am curious, if you do not do a lot of volume, commissions just aren't an issue. If you do a lot of volume though, it does make sense to team up with others that do.

  4. oops it doesn't bring lots of comments from intensive future traders...
  5. BrianLA


    ... for volume trading a week ago, but they said it's not available. With a full service or institutional broker, it's more negotiable.
  6. what r the volume breakdowns on these commission reductions?