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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mg_mg, Dec 27, 2003.

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    I am going to stay in Asia next year. I'd like to know if anyone out there using IB to trade American markets from Asia. Is there any problem like delay in quote or in order transmission? Thanks for any comments.
  2. kiwi


    I am trading US and European markets from New Zealand using IB and no problems.

  3. I don't uderstand why some American think they are relocating
    to moon, when they want move aboard and always DSL issue comes up?

    I used to trade in-room on 1MB DSL for $20 for the room
    and $2 for DSL connection per day. I will bet you won't get
    such deal even in USA in a hotel.

    If you have fast connection in that country, doesn't matter
    how far you are from US. Again I will bet you will not have
    any losing trade or delayed quotes because of your connection
  4. I use IB and trade from Japan and have no problems. Nana Trader is right; from my experience in traveling throughout Asia, there is no discernible difference in DSL from country to country. You have to worry more about what level of service you receive and pricing.

    However, you say you are moving to Asia and that is a very general statement. Similar to me saying that I am moving back to the Americas. Depending on the specific country, there could be very different comparisons.
  5. traderob


    I live in japan and have a very fast connection with TWS.
    When I travel to thailand I somtimes tarde out of my hotel and use 56kps and that is Ok but only for short periods.
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    I don't understand your comment about some Americans???
  7. I live in Asia and use IB and trade just about everything they offer. No problems whatsoever.

    On the topic of connection speed, just about every country over here is just as technologically advanced as the USA. Any1 that thinks otherwise has not been over here.

  8. Thailand Dial-up is very slow for active trading, it connects
    at 26kbps to 28kbps that makes loging to hotmail account
    so difficult most times.

    I trade with Xoomtrade which DSL recommanded for it and
    i even could not log to my account iwth dialup. You will be
    fine if overnight or swing trading with dialup.
  9. Are you among those "some Americans"? take it easy
  10. I don't understand why "some Asian" thinks that since they have a fast connection, that everybody else does.

    Michael B.

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