IB- Trading a Failure at a High and Reversal

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    It is common for traders to want to go short if a commodity or stock makes a new high and then closes lower for the day. (or to want to go long if a commodity or stock makes a new low and then closes higher for the day.)

    Trader Vic describes this type of trade as one of the best, he labels it a "2(b) trade."

    Currently at IB it is only possible to enter this order if one is able to check the trade during the day to see if it makes a new high or new low, and only then to enter the order.

    A IB customer (not I ) has posted a suggestion on IB's website that would make it automatic that if the price exceeded a certain price that an order would then be entered to sell at a stop limit.

    If you are an IB client and agree, please vote for this suggestion at:

    Here is the text of the suggestion:
    ID#: 7869 | Date Added: 2011-11-25 16:38:40 | Average Rating: 2 (3) votes

    Title: Condition to handle price test and reverse
    Submitted By: glenn232

    I understand that a condition in an order cannot be used if the order is a Stop Limit order type. This restriction is very limiting.
    I would like to be able to plaxce an order such that if the price of a security reaches X (eg a high price) then I can activate a STP LMT order (eg SELL on reaching a low price). This would be very useful when you are expecting a security to retest prior highs/lows before reversing directions. I do not want to place the order unless it has in fact rested prior highs/lows.

    Direct URL: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/general/poll/?sid=7869