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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lady1, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. lady1


    I use the downloaded IB Trade Station 4.0. My ISP is Earthlink 5.0.

    At 11:10am on 7/24/01 I entered a buy order for 100 shares
    of a NYSE stock.

    By 11:29am the order had not been executed. It was still
    blue. So I canceled it.

    By 11:45am the cancel had not been executed so I left the
    computer. When I came back an hour later the cancel had
    been executed.

    This was to have been my first trade. Question: Is this
    normal? Does IB take hours to execute an order?
  2. NKNY


    I have been trading with IB for about 3 months noe and have executed about 350 trades without a problem.

  3. def

    def Sponsor

    if the order was blue and never went green then it was never accepted at the exchange. It could be a number any number of factors including a blip in your ISP connection.

    When placing an order it should go green in a few seconds at most during normal market conditions. If not, cancel and resubmit. If you are unable to place an order today, try an online chat or send specific details of the order, time, username, etc help@interactivebrokers.com and ask them to perform an audit on the order.