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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by dufferdon, Sep 19, 2001.

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    I need to get some software to track my trades. Excel is too much work anymore, and having an automatic schedule D would be great. Has anyone used Tradelog and Captools to make a recommendation of one over the other? They are both similarly priced at $250, and both seem to be pretty automated, but it's hard to tell from websites. Or if someone really loves one or the other I'd be interested to know. Thanks.
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    I used Tradelog last year and I loved it. I had three different brokers and it worked great with all of them. Very easy to use. I will be using it again this year.
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  5. Where can I get more information about the Tradelog software? Is there a website for this product?

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    Captools "Individual Investor" can be purchased for $200 if you are a member of "American Association of Individual Investors". I upgraded my "Individual Investor" to "Global Investor" so I could print out one schedhle "D" report that includes all transactions from all of my brokerage accounts in the one schedule "D" report. Captools allows you to create your own import templates to import data from almost any brokers export file. You do not have to wait for Captools to make or update a template in order to import from the brokers of your choice. I designed all of my templates from within Captools and import from IB and other brokers I use. Captools came with a 3/4" thick book that is very detail. I had to spend several hours studying this book before using Captools. Captools has the flexiability to let me setup the program and printouts the way I want them.

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  8. Is there a software to keep track of futures trading records?

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    Just started using Tradelog with 3 different brokers and wish I knew about it years ago. A few clicks of the mouse and I automatically load days, weeks or months of trades electronically from my brokers, and can see my schedule D instantly, along with interesting trade analysis reports. Thanks for the recommendations everyone.
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    Another option is to use IB's export to Quicken account functionality. The only issue I have with it is that it currently only provides the last three days worth of transactions. The monthly reports are not available (at least when I check last). Online support told me that monthly reports would be added later.
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