IB Totally dead?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by et123, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. et123


    anyone else?

    happened around 10:28 am EST.
  2. Arnie


    Yep. Nothing here either (I'm in Virginia). Called, they said they were working on it and to try logging on in 10-15 min. That was 5 min ago.
  3. They will lose my account. NO acceptable reason for catastrophic failure in this day and age....
  4. uniafly


    Yeap happened to me the same it is 10:51AM est and still cant log into my account
  5. kbehr


    Me too, South Bend, IN
  6. rc5781


    TWS has been doing weird crap for a week or so...

    Technincal indicators stop working

    Application get's disconnected but usually resets and logs back on automatically

    Settings not saving properly so I lost all my freaking tickers...
  7. gobar


    same here...

    hate when this kinda stuff happens...
  8. hajimow


    same here in NH. First I thought it is from my network connection.
  9. Down for the count in Tahoe.
    I was planning on skiing today anyway....
  10. gobar


    any idea when it will be up?
    #10     Dec 28, 2007