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  1. Hi Steve or Def,

    I see from previous post that the execution for japanese stocks is pretty slow due to the system at the exchange. Can you perhaps elaborate a little bit on that? How slow is it? 5 min for confirmation or 15 min?

    I am interested in day trading japanese stocks. Is japan stocks 100 shares for standard lot? or is it like HK where the number of shares is different for each company?

    And how much margin do i need to put up? 50% like US stocks?

    Thanks in advance for providing the info.
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    It's not that slow! We're talking seconds. Try sending an order - most exchanges it turns green immediately. Japan stocks may take 4+ seconds to turn green.

    Yes, it's similar to Hong Kong, they have lot sizes. The TWS will reject the order if it's the incorrect lot size. You can check the lot size from Contract Info >> Details (right click on symbol). There maybe a few inaccuracies though so if you do see an order that stays blue status, then it's probably the incorrect lot size so you can check with the CS desk.

    Margin same as US stocks - you can check the margin before you send the order - right click on order and select Check Margin
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    Steve, is there a price below which stocks are not marginable? e.g for US it's $2
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    Sorry, wrong info.
    Margin. You can check before you send the order, but initial margin should be the greater of 30% or Y300,000. Doesn't matter what the price of the stock is