IB token ... no Optout ...

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by FLY7788, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. FLY7788


    Why no Optout ???

    If IB token broke, what happen ???
  2. You have to call to get a code or something for a couple of days.

    Stupid system they have, they should have some sort of switch activated by them to "opt-out" until further notice from the customer.

    After 10-12 years of having the classic user/pass login they become girls that don't want to spend one even session with a customer without token.

    So, that may say that you was waaayy uncovered of hack attacks this last 10-12 years....

    I don't want to figure what will happen when our devices run out of batteries in 2 -3 years. It will be a mess