IB Token broke...

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  1. my IB token just stopped working out of the blue. I've sent it back to them and will be closing my account. pain in the butt because I can't do anything without it.
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    My security token broke and they sent me a new one.
  3. If this caused you to miss Thursday or Friday Id be pretty pissed too.
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    What are you suppose to do when it breaks? or is lost/stolen?
  5. The "welcome email" that I received when my account was enabled contained the following:

    "If there is a problem with the device, IB will allow a 5 business day exemption from the process. You will need to contact the Help Desk and request a one time challenge pin. That pin will work for 5 business days. "
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    i've been with ib for 6 years and think or swim 1 year. i love both but this security crap has convinced me to shut my ib account down. its a pain in the ass to use it every day with 2 accounts. plus i like to use my laptop downstairs at lunch and i have to carry the tokens with me. i can understand using it to get money out but not to simply trade
  7. you guys are amazing

    IB is protecting you (and me) with the security tokens

    here's a little hint

    brokerage accounts are not required to be FDIC insured, and if you lose all your money because somebody fraudulently accessed your account, you are possibly TSOL

    if it's too much of a pain to use the security token, you need to think about a new career.

    the most important thing in trading is (as i teach all trainees) risk management

    could you/would you want to lose 100 or 200k because you were too frigging lazy to use a security token?

    i trade OPM as well as my own, and i am very happy that IB provided a free security token

    they are trying to protect YOUR money.
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    One of my tokens stopped working (display went haywire). I called IB. After answering a bunch of questions to prove I was the account holder they issued me a response to input to the challenge.

    It worked fine for the next few days. I subsequently got the new token device and the regular challenge \reply system was restored.

    As I had more than one token I asked if they could assign one of my working tokens as a substitute for the defective one and use it for two accounts. Answer was no. However, I was told that they are going to implement the one token per user, no matter how many accounts option, later this summer. You will be able to continue to use a token per account if you wish.

  9. Is IB requiring a token nw? They have never contacted me abt it or demanded I use one, despite high balances.
  10. i think IB only REQUIRES the token for those who trade OPM (iow an advisor account)

    i was mailed a token for my advisor account quite some time ago. I love it. so do my clients (the peace of mind of knowing their money is protected this way).

    i was never mailed one for my individual account, nor am i particularly concerned since i keep its balance small (my business plan requires weekly withdrawal of profits into a FDIC insured bank)
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