IB to trade, and data feed....Esign for charts....any try it?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by John47, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. John47


    Esignal is getting a bit expensive when your charting equities, futures, and forex....I'm wondering if using the IB data feed for Esign might be better. Anyone tried it?
  2. mokwit


    Sierra Chart is another alternative. I cancelled eSignal and now use SC.
  3. Lucrum


    I just finished a week long trial of Ensign using IB as the data feed.
    It will chart IB's IDEAL bid but the chart examples I looked at had some holes and spikes that didn't belong. The FX futures charts were just fine. Their support seems pretty good. I had questions answered via email usually within hours - including a Saturday.
    ET has a review section you may want to look at.

  4. ozzy


    I'm using Ensign + IB + Ninja and its a good combo. I used Esignal before it was decent but a little expensive.
  5. Ensign support is excellent.

    I have used both ensign and sierrachart with IB and would happily use either. The reason I went from ensign to sierra was when I realized the extra features were not part of my trading style. So if you need the extra features, ensign, if not you can save a fair number of bucks by going to SC (not as many as by dropping esignal of course :))
  6. I also used to use eSignal and was very pleased but could not justify the price. I did switch to Ensign around February of this year using IB as the real-time data feed. You could use DTN for backfill and the setup was good but not as good as eSignal but considering the price difference, it was hard to argue. I really like the DYO feature of Ensign to design special alerts etc. versus learning any "language" and the support is top notch.

    However, with the recent beta version, it now provides IB backfill and with some other enhancements such as the volume profile rainbow, I would not change my setup for any price. Howard at Ensign is incredibly responsive and I currently use this setup with ButtonTrader and now feel much more comfortable with my setup triggers.
  7. lcw


    I had use eSignal, Qcharts, Advanced Get Chart before and now I am using Ensign - IB data feed for the past 3.5 months. Ensign for me is the best that I ever experence with its tons of flexible customise features and benefits tailored to trader needs. It costs me US$39.95/mth. I hope they can be lower below US$30 because it cost me almost double based on exchange rate for my currency and to complete with Sierra and other lower cost charting.
    Support from Ensign also the best during my 3.5 months with them. I had tried Sierra chart before but I finally settled for Ensign.
  8. John47


    wow, thanks everyone for the very helpful advice.

    This is my last month w/ eSignal....I like most everything about them but I just bought a house and w/ the added stress to the budget, I can't justify them w/ two other choices, comparable for my style, at a fraction of the price.

    I've demo'd Esign so I'm somewhat familiar w/ the software, however I hadn't tried it w/ IB's feed and forex. Over the next month or so as I'm getting settled in I'll probably demo both Esign and Sierra and see which is a better fit.

    Thanks again
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    For ES, Globex, CME traders the mercantile exchange offers an enhanced charting service for $80 a month. I have not used it, but considering to check it out. i am not so worried about price as much as i am about the speed and accuracy of the feed from the exchange to my screens.

    The CME claims they are best because there is no sending the info to some third party and then they play with the feed and then send out to you. I have no idea, but might just sign up for a couple months and run it on a screen alongside the charting service i have now. Then compare..

    Hey, $80 for all Globex and charts could be cool....:eek:
  10. John47


    less than Esignal e-mini's and a couple extra markets
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