IB - Time for drug testing yet??

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  1. I closed an account at IB a few months back - failed stops, conditional orders, and the most frequent, a deletion of all saved pages and scans.

    I decided to give IB a chance and start a new acct- but the new account screen sent me into a continuous loop! I wrote IB and said I'm trying to deposti $50k and they wrote a one liner - "log in to complete application."

    What the heck is all the advertising for if you disregard someone trying to deposit big money, and on top of that your system kicks them out??

    My guess is IB is just a feng-shui-decorated crackhouse with a buncha blue-jean-tweed-coat corporate hippies passing the hooka and laughing at us buy their roach-ridden crackware.

    Maybe time to pass around a piss cup instead??
  2. Nope.

    IB is a great broker imo.

    I have two accounts there and have made thousands of stock, option and futures trades over the years. And many account withdrawals and deposits.

    Very few problems.

    Good trading to you and all.

  3. RL8093


    I suspect that they wouldn't begin to consider your funds as big money until it crested 7 figures....
  4. 1. Most crack dealers live with their mums so its not a valid comparison. IB staffers made enough on their stock options to move out.

    2. 50k most definitely is small money.

    3. I've had accounts with IB for around 10 years and they're great. No unreasonable problems. Long may it continue.
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    I have 2 accounts at IB. No problems so far.
    I know someone who was a developer at IB. He got burned out about a year ago and left. He was the one who turned me to IB. Apparently they run a tight shop. Very lean - not many employees. Their focus has always been trading platform and they leave the better customer service and the fancy reports to firms like E-Trade / Ameritrade.
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    Just a slip up on their part. You probably missed it, but it does state on their website that they will send out a Brinks truck to pick up "BIG MONEY DEPOSITS" like yours. They can't trust an electronic transfer for such a "BIG MONEY DEPOSIT". In fact, Peterfy himself will be riding shotgun (actually a machine gun turret on top of the Brinks truck) to pick up your "BIG MONEY DEPOSIT".

    Say hi for me.
  7. read closer drug addicts - big money in relation to advertising
  8. You are small money.
  9. We could do that. And then we could pour it over your head.