IB Time and Sales screen

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. This feature hasn't worked right for , well, forever.

    As soon as you load up a page or two and scroll back and forth , it stops responding. And this is after hours, so it's not a load issue.

    You'd think after 2 years they would get it right.
  2. A new one to add to the it does not work correctly any more is the Total View Screen.This started about 2 months ago. Many phone calls and many posts to the on line message center without a resolution. I do not think they really care.
    Anyone who uses IB knows that their customer service is lousy. I can deal with the Total View not working properly because I use the book trader and that functions just fine.
    This also gets its feed from total view but it does not freeze up with stale quotes. Should be a simple fix on IB’s end as it is obviously a problem with the Total View software programming.The trade off for this bullshit is you can not beat their commissions , and other then the Total View mess I do not have many other complaints about their trading platform .
  3. What is "Total View"? Are you talking about the main screen? Haven't heard of Total View.

  4. For a long time, i thought i was just using it wrong... i never thought that IB wouldnt have fixed it for so long... it would be a really useful tool if it worked properly
  5. Total View is basically an updated Level II . You have to pay for it .
  6. I've been told that IB will be redesigning the Time and Sales window and will be addressing this issue.