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  1. Can someone direct me to the $tiki and the $prem in Interactive brokers..? I'm looking for the symbols...for some reason I'm spazzing out and can't find them...


  2. Tick is TICK-NYSE (or whatever exchange). I didn't know they had prem.
  3. I'm looking for the TIKI's not the Tick but thanks anyway...tiki's based on the Dow and ranges between plus and minus 30...I think
  4. ooops, I gotta learn how to read. I don't think IB provides ticki, just trin and tick
  5. IB does not provide TIKI or any index future PREM.

    Customers have asked IB for this market information for years and have been ignored.

    IB does provide TICK, TRIN and A/D line for the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  6. Thanks Jeb,

    Is the Ad line by subscription ? I always like free stuff...
  7. IB A/D line data is handled oddly. While the symbols are valid for TWS the data is only available through the API.


    The advancing issues is given in the bid price and the declining issues in the ask price. The unchanged issues is given in the "Bid Size". No "Last price" is transmitted for these symbols.

    You need to use 3rd party software that use the API (such as QuoteTracker) to see the A/D line data.

    QuoteTracker symbols: NYSE:$AD-NYSE NASDAQ:$AD-NASD AMEX:$AD-AMEX
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    All the $prem datas are produced by the data providers, not the exchanges. There are only two that do it well to my knowledge, and those are tradestation, and esignal.

    With esignal the symbol for the minis is eprem a0. That's a zero.

    You may be able to get this with their new emini live data deal for 45 bucks a month, not sure, otherwise you'll just need the basic live esignal package. I believe live charts also has it, and that's only around 20 bucks or so a month. That's the e signal live charts.
  9. Thanks to you both....
  10. Sorry to bump a zombie thread but I'm interested in using AD-NYSE except it doesn't seem to work. The symbol is recognized by TWS but won't display there.

    I saw above the AD-NYSE is supposedly only available via API. I tried that too with a simple program that works with stocks, indices, etc but the subscription to AD-NYSE doesn't return any ticks. The call to subscribe to the symbol doesn't return an error.

    Anyone else using this symbol on IB?
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