IB ticket response time positive surprise

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rayl, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. rayl


    Credit where credit is due. I've always (like most) had questionable feelings about IB's ticket response time.

    So was I pleasantly surprised when yesterday, after the market close, I put in a banking inquiry and a response was provided within 2 hours....!

    Hopefully a new trend and not an anomaly.
  2. JackR


    I think the speed of the response is highly dependent on where your ticket is routed.
    Info requests - quick, technical glitches, not so quick.

    I've had some same day, others have taken a week.

  3. rayl


    True but I've put in banking tickets in the past, and they've never been responded to faster than the end of the next business day.
  4. I experience something silimar with IB support today.

    I was unable to login to my account because I haven't got my passcode card yet, I send them a email it was responded within minute. Then I call the hotline and got a temperory passcode and got access to my account again.