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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by benwm, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. benwm


    Can anyone advise of the cheapest way to obtain the NYSE TICK indicator real time? My broker IB said I needed to subscribe to their NYSE Professional Level I data feeds at $120/month, though I get the feeling IB Customer Service didn't look into my query in great detail.

    The IB website doesn't throw much light on the matter.

    Also interested in TICK-IBIS, which I understand is IB's version for the Dax. Does anyone use this to trade DAX/FESX?

    Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. jtnet


    ib has that symbol built in if you just trade futures its symbol NYSE-tick i think
  3. benwm


    Jtnet thanks for reply - I have the symbol but no prices coming in because I haven't stumped up $120/month for the NYSE Professional Level I subscription.

    Wondered if I'd missed anything as I don't really want to pay $120/month for the one indicator but it might be handy to scalp ES.
  4. jtnet


    works for me TICK-NYSE is symbol
    i dont pay sub, the value for the tick shows up under LAST column
  5. benwm


    Thanks, but nothing showing in my last column:(
    I guess time to go back to Customer Services...
    You're not subscribing to anything from NYSE?
  6. hayman


    It comes with Basic IB Data Feed. Symbol is:


    If you are using QuoteTracker on top of IB, the symbol in QT is:

  7. Like the guy above said, the symbol is Tick-NYSE. The basic package. The only reason I can think that you don't have it would be you're keying it in wrong, or you have too many symbols in your TWS.

    You can also get it and some other data from the market scanner for market statistics, NYSE. With it you get advancing/declining issues, up/down volume, total volume, trin, and tick.

  8. benwm


    Thanks again but I've got a feeling the charge is due to my account's status as a 'Professional' (I set up company for trading) as the exchanges charge different rates for different traders. Rather annoying if this is the case...
  9. benwm


    will update when I know for sure in case anyone else has this problem in future.

    Thanks for all replies. I am communicating with IB CS..
  10. benwm


    According to IB Customer Services "having a Professional Status does change your market data subscription. If you were a non pro, you'd have it available under the US securities and commodities bundle."

    damn it:mad:
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